There Is Room For So Much Growth In The Travel & Tourism Niche.
We Need More Travel Podcasts.

Interesting, inspiring shows, which can in turn support the businesses & careers of people in the industry.

I want to see you succeed in your podcast, whether it’s new and you’re getting it off the ground, or an existing show and it’s time to revamp it with new energy.

Let’s put the structures in place to ensure a long, impactful run for your show, giving life to your passion.

The packages below are a guideline; as we get started the important thing is that we establish the best way to support and sustain your podcast.



  • Kick-off call to get started, analyze plans and workflow timeline.
  • Typically 4-6 week trajectory from beginning to official launch.
  • Guidance in creating content schedule for first 5 (up to 10) episodes.
  • Setup of podcast workflow management Trello board (or equivalent program) and cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive or equivalent).
  • Overview of equipment and software required.
  • Review of outlines & scripts for first three episodes.
  • Review of music and artwork.
  • Finalizing tech setup and recording environment and software.
  • Guidance on the recording process: hosting techniques, interviewing mindset, proper microphone technique, speaking voice, following a script vs. following notes, maintaining focus on the objectives of the episode and the listener’s experience.
  • Audio editing, mastering, tagging, publication of first three episodes.
  • Setup of hosting account of your choosing (Libsyn, Buzzsprout etc.), based on a list of recommendations.
  • Submission of podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and more.
  • Show notes & blog post for first three episodes.
  • Preparation of audiograms for first three episodes.
  • Launch promotion strategy documentation and call, 30 mins.

Launch the show and celebrate!

Packages are ultimately tailor-made to your needs and priorities. Our first call will help clarify how I can best help you out.


AUDIO EDITING - From $1.75/minute of audio

  • Generally, four 30-minute episodes / month.
  • Syncing multiple tracks together, whether co-hosts only, co-host(s) with one guest, co-host(s) with multiple guests.
  • Content editing and editorial decisions, at your direction and discretion.
  • Understanding conversational content: Ensuring smooth timing and natural flow, while cutting unnecessarily long pauses and crutch words.
  • Noise reduction/removal, equalization and balancing.
  • Integration of music and sound effects, at the right moments, faded in and out in relation to the content.
  • ID3 tagging based on your episode show title, and brief show notes (a small paragraph description and relevant links).
  • Uploading to your podcast media host.
  • Monthly familiarization call, status update, advice & coaching, 45 mins.

The goal: An enjoyable listening experience for your audience, with audio that sounds natural and emphasizes your content.

Packages are ultimately tailor-made to your needs and priorities. Our first call will help clarify how I can best help you out.

Rates are based on per minute of “raw” audio, i.e. recorded but unedited.


MANAGEMENT - From $125 per episode

  • The full Editing Package, plus:
  • Guidance and mentorship along the way. Helping you plan and strategize your content and message.
  • Workflow management, using Trello or software of your choosing.
  • Expanded show notes and blog post for each episode: Long description, additional topic & guest research, thorough links.
  • Audiogram and social media graphic of the episode.
  • Analytics and stats summary each month to keep you on track.
  • Ongoing guidance and support via email.
  • Monthly familiarization call, status update, advice & coaching, 60 mins.

Giving you the practical and moral support you need to keep your show going, keep your message consistent and have a real impact on your audience.

Rates are based on per episode, and include raw audio editing. A supplement for raw audio longer than 60 minutes may apply.

Packages are ultimately tailor-made to your needs and priorities. Our first call will help clarify how I can best help you out.

Single or multi-track recordings.

Competitive rates.

Single episodes, short-term contracts, or long-term partnerships: your choice!

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