Does Ted do more than Travel Podcasting?

Does Ted do more than Travel Podcasting?

This site emphasizes travel podcasting, as you have hopefully gathered, and will continue to do so, especially if I can find an acceptable WordPress widget to start adding some of my travel photos from over the years.

However, as a lover of all things podcasting, it would be quite contrarian if I were to exclude any other topics and any other experts, whose shows are equally important and which I would find equally interesting.

Besides, as a multipotentialite I crave variety and perspective.

So am I open to working outside the travel niche?

Of course!

We all know it’s as tough time for the travel industry right now, and although it may be a great time on paper to invest in yourself and your travel business, to be in position for the great re-opening (whenever that will come), it may be hard to justify the expense.

I want you to know that I’m here to help you as much as I possibly can, even if a more substantial partnership happens a little later down the road.

My podcast playlist is full of shows with topics as diverse as history, sports, politics, music, bitcoin, podcasts-about-podcasting, YouTube strategies, business, entrepreneurship, and all kinds of sub-topics therein. If you were to flip through my notebook from the past few years, you’d see never-launched (or not-yet-created) show ideas about electric car racing, life in Canada, music history, parenting, politics…

So the odds are, if you come from a different background than me and have an idea for a show, or have an existing show, about something that’s never even crossed my mind, then I’ll be quite interested in it and helping in its success, because I’m quite interested in just about anything.

What it really comes down to is why. Why it is so important to have some help and support. Regardless of the topic and theme, these principles are universal:

  • I’m here save you time, especially in audio editing, which can be both lengthy and tedious. Fortunately, I actually enjoy the audio editing and sound-shaping process, something I’m very appreciative of.
  • Giving you advice, and a consistent, reliable pair of ears who can put into context your sound and your content over the scope of many episodes.
  • Moral support, a personal contact, a relationship. The online business world is awfully lonely much of the time. Even if you have a support network for your niche and industry, you may be missing that when it comes to your podcast. And although private, individual support is an added investment, it’s worthwhile to have someone who cares about you and your success.

Your success is my success, which yes, is one helluva cliché. But I want to help you succeed and get the most out of your podcast, and all the time, work and investment you’ve put into it already, and in return it helps me gain even more experience, insight, practice and ability to help you and others like you in the future.

So click that big blue button at the bottom right and let’s schedule a free call, you’ve piqued my curiosity!

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