Audio Samples & Examples

Wondering what an audio editor does?

How do we make you sound better?

Listen to the audio samples below, before and after, to hear the difference that editing makes.

Follow along in the original file, “Before,” and refer to the time-stamps. Then listen to the mastered file, “After,” to hear the difference.
Structural Content Editing, for a natural finished product (time stamps based on Before file):
  • 03.904

    Removed "you know" for a seamless cut.
  • 06.572

    Shortened silence, for a quicker, more natural exchange. Removed lip smack noise.
  • 08.361

    Removed loud breath, repeated "yeah" and another loud breath noise. Created natural-sounding interval before the male voice comes in.
  • 13.046

    Removed some background mouth noise and shortened pause, while maintaining the slower pace of 'thinking out loud.'
  • 20.301

    Silenced background noise. Shifted female voice over to respond during the pause. Removed lip smack. De-amplified breath noise, leaving a quieter breath that builds into the next sentence.
  • 23.295

    Removed and reconstructed a stuttered, choppy sentence. From: "Let's let's turn the perspective a bit and, uh, let's say, oh, from from uh from a broader picture, l-let's h-have a look at a broader picture, uhm, in your professional life." to: "Let's turn the perspective a bit, and let's have a look at a broader picture, in your professional life."
  • 39.337

    Removed a long "uhm", silenced, left a natural pause.
  • 41.026

    Word "this" repeated three times, removed two, leaving a smooth transition to the next words ("this up and down...").
  • 43.661

    Removed another "this," silenced and left a reflective pause before the next word ("polymathy").
  • 47.403

    Removed extra-long pause of 1.196 seconds, for a quicker yet natural transition to the opposite speaker.
  • 48.932

    Removed the false start, "yeah, I mean I pfff, I mean I do the thing," and the long pause before "that so many polymaths do...", leaving a clean start of, "I mean, I do the thing that so many polymaths do...", as the cleanest, most natural-sounding cut possible.
  • 56.545

    Silenced a loud, distorted breath noise.
Audio Mastering, for a clean, crisp sound:
  • Normalizing

    Normalizing audio tracks (Having equal volume in both tracks, so the listener doesn't struggle to hear, or have to constantly adjust their own volume).
  • Compressing

    Compressing audio (Reducing the distorted audio or "clipping" that comes from a word/sound that is too loud).
  • Equalization

    Equalization (Adjusting sound frequencies in hertz to calibrate for the spoken word).
  • De-Reverb

    De-reverb (To make each voice sound more intimate, as if in a professional studio environment. Less echo).
  • De-Clicking

    De-click (Reducing audio anomalies, random "clicks").

Highlighted Samples

Some of my favourite examples of audio I’ve edited and put together. 

This is an excerpt from a recent episode of The MultiPod, entitled “The Beauty of Darkness,” where co-host Flo journeyed to northern Sweden. He brought his sound recorder with him to capture authentic local samples, and I put it together with some atmospheric, evocative music, fading in and out as the dialogue progresses.

You can hear the entire episode by visiting here: The MultiPod

New addition!

A new podcast released in early 2022 that explores Morocco for tourists, from a native’s perspective. If you enjoy learning about countries, cultures and how to travel, Destination Morocco takes us around this beautiful country and shares with us the sights, attractions and insider tips for what to see and do.

You can visit the podcast website here: Destination Morocco.

Destination Morocco podcast, An Introduction to Morocco – Ep. 2